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8 Benefits of Online Laser Safety Training—Infographic

Posted by LIA on Jul 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Laser Safety Officer Training

Over the years, online courses have become a more popular alternative to in-person courses—making their way from academia to professional settings. Taking laser safety courses in a digital format has become popular in our industry due to their convenience, and even the most seasoned laser professionals can benefit from online learning

Online learning does not just benefit productivity and ultimately the bottom line—it can also directly benefit employees as well. Whether you are looking to take a laser safety officer training course yourself or are interested in offering digital courses to your employees, here are eight benefits you can expect from online learning:
 LIA Laser Safety Benefits

  1. Money saved: When you take an online course, you eliminate the need to travel to receive training. Spending money booking a plane ticket, renting a car and paying for a hotel room become unnecessary when courses can be completed from any computer with an Internet connection.
  2. The option to complete courses anytime, anywhere: Training online gives you the flexibility to complete courses, study and even take quizzes from the comfort of your home or office. Also, personal and work obligations do not have to be postponed since you can work on courses at any time.
  3. Save time: Brandon-Hall reports that people spend 40 to 60 percent less time on online coursework compared to learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting. For LSOs who are currently managing laser safety programs, this allows them to stay focused on what’s important: maintaining a high level of laser safety.
  4. Increase your productivity: Not only will you save time during your training, you’ll be more productive when you have completed your coursework as well. According to IBM, you can increase productivity by three minutes a day, or one hour per month by completing online training.
  5. Retain more information: In a separate study, IBM reports that you can retain nearly five times more information in a shorter amount of time when completing training online. Without the distractions that come with a traditional classroom setting, you can work faster in a place that keeps you more focused.
  6. Interactive content: Online learning modules feature convenient tools that make learning easier. Tracking your progress, re-reading slides and listening to commentary from instructors can all be done in one place.
  7. Access to extensive resources: When you sign up for an online course with LIA, we will send you the necessary materials you will need to complete your online training. Sample documents, study guides, the ANSI Z136 standard of laser safety that complements your course and other resources will be provided to you in a digital format.
  8. Instant rewards: Completing laser safety officer training online allows you to immediately be rewarded for completing training. Instead of waiting for an instructor to grade your quiz, your work will immediately be graded and you will be provided with a certificate that shows you have completed training through LIA.

Whether you are a laser safety officer seeking to expand your knowledge or looking for options to train your team, LIA’s online training courses can not only provide you with the benefits listed above—they can boost the productivity of your team and make your facility a safer place.

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